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PCB Layout software, Schematic Capture software, Printed Circuit Board design software

  Draftcad Deluxe is an easy to use schematic capture and printed circuit board layout program. It is capable of providing the output necessary for today's industry - or the hobby workshop, and has many features that help to keep the design process simple. The licensed software is provided on CD-ROM, and includes a customisable Library of components, a Tour / Tutorial program, and User's Guide in PDF format.
  • Schematics can be spread over multiple pages (up to 12).
  • Route PCBs with up to 8 signal/plane Layers, manually or with autorouting.
  • Import GIF Bitmaps to Schematic or PCB, and RS-274 (Gerber) to PCB.
  • Output formats include RS-274X Photoplot (extended Gerber), DXF, EPS, N.C. Drill and Net List.
  • Automatic Parts List generation.
  • Customisable Library. Click here for a list of the Library objects provided with Draftcad Deluxe (in plain text format).
  • Components can be mounted on the reverse side of a PCB.
  • Link objects assist with the routing of single sided PCBs.
  • Selected objects can be copied and pasted between projects.
  • DPMI and Linux versions support 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768 and 1280x1024 video modes.
  • Windows version supports all video modes having at least 256 colours.
  • A Circuit schematic
  • Schematic netlist
  • Up to 8 signal or plane layers
  • PCB Component outlines / Silk screen
  • PCB Solder masks
  • PCB Drilling data
  • PCB Unrouted net report
  • Parts list