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PCB Layout software, Schematic Capture software, Printed Circuit Board design software

The Draftcad Deluxe Tour provides a demonstration of Draftcad Deluxe, helping new users to learn how to use the software faster.

Draftcad Deluxe V3.1 Tour (for Windows)

This is the Windows version of the Tour, also viewable online.

The Draftcad Deluxe V3.1 Tour is provided as a zip archive. After downloading, unzip the archive and run Setup.exe to install the Tour.

DraftcadV3.1Tour.zip (5.2MB)

Draftcad Deluxe Tour (for Linux i386+)

The Linux version of the Tour is provided as a tar-zipped archive. The tourcad.v3.tar.gz file should be placed in an empty directory, and tar should be applied by the root user (e.g. "tar xfzv tourcad.v3.tar.gz"). The libprintdrv.so file must be copied to the /usr/lib directory, and the SVGAlib must be installed and configured before the Tour can be run. Refer to the readme.txt file for further information.

tourcad.v3.tar.gz (432KB)

Draftcad Deluxe Tour (for DOS Protected Mode)

The DOS Protected Mode Interface (DPMI) version of the Tour is provided as a self-extracting archive. The TOURCAD3.EXE file should be placed in an empty directory and then executed (run) to extract the program files. Refer to the README.TXT file for further information.