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PCB Layout software, Schematic Capture software, Printed Circuit Board design software

 Board Size20 x 16 inches (about 50 x 40cm)
 Number of Components on a Board2,000
 Number of Components in the Library16,000
 Number of Pads24,575
 Number of Track / Trace segments65,535 per layer
 Number of Polyfills4,095
 Number of Pins / Pads per Component512
The Linux and DPMI versions use a printer driver file in the form of a dynamic link library.

A Windows print utility allows Draftcad Deluxe files to be printed using the Windows printer interface, where a Windows version of Draftcad Deluxe is not available. The utility is available in the Downloads section, and provides compatibility with "Windows only" printers. It may be used by print houses to generate final image proofs on their systems from native Draftcad Deluxe files - providing an alternative to the provided RS-274X, DXF and EPS formats.

Draftcad Deluxe V3.1 is available in Windows, Linux i386+ and DOS Protected Mode (DPMI) versions.

  • The Windows version is designed for Windows 98, ME, 2000 and XP. (It is not suitable for Windows 95)
  • The Linux version requires the SVGAlib to be installed.
  • The DPMI version is a Protected Mode program and must be run under an operating system that supports the Dos Protected Mode Interface, such as DOS, Windows 95/98/NT/ME, an OS/2 full screen DOS session, or DosEmu under Linux i386+. At least 4MB of free DPMI memory should be available for the program to use.


All versions run on a 386 or higher processor with a VGA or SVGA display. A mouse must be installed.

For a better understanding of the program's capabilities, download the Draftcad Deluxe Tour from the Downloads section, or view it online.